The development of the love doll

      The development of the love doll

      For those with imagination, abstraction and empathy, there has always been something. Love doll stimulate many people through their particular beauty and their dance between the real world and the imagination, and often their love lovers in the end changed their perception and their love for them.

      The parents of most of today's love doll friends come from a time when love dolls did not exist in their present form. Even the rubber dolls were never on the market until the mid-90s, especially not with parents of the war / post-war generation. The love for human reproduction is difficult to understand.

      The development of the robot real doll is a logical step in the development of doll love. Many people only consider them more than just love dolls and want their love dolls to come closer to life. At the moment, love dolls have mobile skeletons and moving limbs, and because they look at it, imagination, abstraction and other human abilities are needed to make love dolls more than just TPE love dolls and silicone dolls.

      It is necessary very similar, but they can not speak for themselves, move or do other things that people do. It is rarely used in public art, as a means of provocation or as an expression of a collapsing society, as a strange companion of strangers, or even as an expression of the exploitation of women. Real love dolls are too beautiful and elegant, and they can not abuse them that way.

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